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Montana CattleWomen Anniversary Brand Quilt

Photo courtesy of the Montana Cattlewomen.
Photo courtesy of the Montana Cattlewomen.

Wanda Pinnow, the current president of the Montana CattleWomen, was born into the ranching life. She grew up on a farm and ranch outside of Baker, Montana, and when she married. She and her husband, Craig, settled on his grandfather’s ranch in the same area and began their own operation, raising Black and Red Angus cows crossed with Charolais bulls.

She has her own brand, separate from her husband’s, and the couple’s three children each have their own brand as well. Her kids showed steers in 4-H all their lives, and since 4-H relies on parent volunteers, 4-H was a big part of Wanda’s life for 18 years until her son and daughters all graduated from high school.

Once the children were out on their own, Wanda became very active in the Montana CattleWomen, serving in a variety of capacities prior to her recent election as president of the statewide nonprofit organization that supports the livestock industry.

She is also active in the American National CattleWomen, the Montana Stockgrowers Association, and a variety of other church and volunteer efforts.

Obviously, Wanda is the sort of person who gets things done. And when she came up with the idea to raise funds for the 125th anniversary of the Montana Stockgrowers Association by making a raffle quilt it didn’t take long before her plan was carried out.

The Montana Stockgrowers 125th Anniversary Brand Quilt was so successful that when it came time for the 60th anniversary of the Montana CattleWomen, Wanda suggested that a quilt be made for that celebration as well. Quilt artist Linda Logsdon, who had designed and made the Stockgrowers quilt, was again drafted to take on the project for the Montana CattleWomen.

It was decided that, like the Stockgrowers’ quilt, the CattleWomen’s quilt should feature the brands of its members, and Linda came up with another masterful design.

The brands surround an outline map of Montana on which stands a black steer blanketed with a second map of the state in red. A cowgirl doing rope tricks; cowboy hats; the Montana CattleWomen logo; the group’s former name (Montana CowBelles); a scroll containing the Cattlewomen’s creed; and dates denoting the 60th anniversary, among other items, add color and personality to the queen-sized quilt.

The quilt was raffled off at the 60th annual membership meeting of the Montana CattleWomen in Billings, Montana in conjunction with the Montana Stockgrowers Association annual convention.

Tammi Didlot, the president of the American National Cattlewomen (who hails from Oklahoma), won the quilt. She generously gifted the quilt back to Wanda Pinnow, stating that the quilt was so representative of Montana that she felt it should stay in the state.

And so the quilt came back to Baker, where it started out. It seems fitting that Wanda Pinnow should be its proud owner. Her brand is on the quilt, as are those of her children.

And—as was her intention when she came up with the idea for it—the quilt is a fabric representation of the ranching heritage in Montana that she holds so dear. After all, Wanda was born into the ranching life, and now she has a quilt to show for it.


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