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Fall Market figures

The numbers are in from the fall 2011 edition of International Quilt Market, and they don’t lie. The quilting and soft crafts industry remains healthy for both manufacturers, designers, and shopowners. And the new influx of younger women on both sides of the show tables is driving that positive trend.

“I feel that we are on the cusp of a shift in the industry, and I am pleased to see that Market veterans are very accepting of the younger people and willing to embrace them and show them the ropes,” says Market Director Karey Bresenhan.

“And I’m also happy to encounter those who have come to Market for many years, and still maintain an enthusiasm for all things quilting. I have said it many times and it’s still true—this is the best industry with the best people to be involved with.”

In terms of attendance, a total of 3,531 people enrolled for the show—which, interestingly, was the exact number at last fall’s Market—and 728 of those took one or more classes.

On the exhibitor side, 556 exhibitors took out a total of 1152 booths (the latter figure a 2% increase from fall 2010). Of those, 48 were making their Market debut. And each and every one fell under Bresenhan’s gaze—even if they didn’t know it!

“One of my favorite things to do at Market is drive up and down the aisles after the show closes and just really marvel at what is being offered for quilters today and how far this industry has come since the show was founded in 1979,” Bresenhan sums up. “I learn so much at each show, and I hope our attendees and exhibitors do as well!”

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