Houston - Special Exhibits

Remembering Sue Garman: Traditional
Talent Extraordinaire

Sponsored by TheQuiltShow.com

The late Sue Garman made more than 300 quilts over 40 years, nearly all of them original. Celebrate her life and artistic legacy with this sampling of 75 of her best works based on antique, red and green, whimsical, and intricately pieced quilts, and more!




Sponsored eQuilter.com

Curated by Susanne M. Jones

You studied history, now learn HERstory. Quilts in this exhibit celebrate the amazing things that women have accomplished since receiving the right to vote. Artists from eight countries created tributes to both well-known women and those who worked behind the scenes.



Quilts 1650-1850: From "Broderie" to
"Broderie Perse”

This exhibit features the collection of Jane Lury, to complement her book, Meanderings of a Quilt Collector. Broderie was the word for what we now call "embroidery" and "appliqué.” The name "broderie perse" describes applying chintzes following the designs of flowers or animals, or sometimes buildings and people.



Tribute to the Civil Rights Movement Heroines

Sponsored by Brewer Sewing

These story quilts about the nonviolent Civil Rights Movement led by African-Americans will enlighten and educate. They were created with traditional African-American quilting designs and construction techniques, and are structured in the shape of a swing coats illustrating their stories.



Between Me and the World: Identity and Activism Quilts

Sponsored by EverSewn

Quilts can certainly carry social and cultural implications. Here, they translate specific concerns into material form, and explore a wide range of issues—both personal and political. Ideas are made concrete, and a quilt becomes an expression of the complexities that make up a life in the world.



A Celebration of Color

Sponsored by Aurifil Threads

Whatever your style…quilt colorfully! This new judged competition was open to quilters working in any style, and who like to play with color to create a vibrant work! A $5,000 Best of Show Award and three $1,000 prizes each in Traditional, Modern, and Art categories were awarded.



A Matter of Time: exploring the fourth dimension in cloth

Sponsored by eQuilter.com

Curated by Brenda Gael Smith

This group of textile artworks explores the fourth dimension (time) in cloth. Time is at once rigid and fluid, fleeting and interminable, tangible but elusive. And abundant, yet scarce. How time is observed, manifested, and experienced is the theme at the heart of this exhibition.



I am an Artisan challenge

Sponsored by FreeSpirit Fabrics

Kaffe Fassett is the undisputed genius of color. Now, his decades of experience from his work in painting, knitting, needle arts, and patchwork come together in his newest collection of fabrics called Artisan. This special exhibit features 12 juried quilts showcasing the new line.



Yoko Saito Through the Years—My Quilt Journey

Sponsored by Quilt Party Co. Ltd., Lecien Corporation, Clover Japan Corporation, and
Stitch Publications/Martingale & Co., Inc.

The quilts here showcase Saito’s delicate sense of intricate handwork, the evolution of her use and choice of color over the years, and designs that have inspired her. This includes the warmth and beauty of her handwork.



Quilts: A World of Beauty

Presented by the International Quilt Association

See winners and finalists from the 2017 annual judged show of members of the International Quilt Association. More than $96,000 in cash, non-purchase prizes were awarded in 20+ categories. This is where the artists from around the world send their best work to compete.



The Fugitive’s Quilts

Sponsored by Bohin

Curated by Catherine Bonte

This exhibit explores the variety of quilts described in the book "The Last Runaway" by Tracey Chevalier. The quilts featured are not exact replicas, but rather interpretations of the pieces included in Chevalier’s book.



Haiti PeaceQuilts: Patience to Raise the Sun

Organized by PeaceQuilts

A Haitian proverb says, “You must have patience to raise the sun.” In the poorest country in the western hemisphere, this is a truth well understood by the Haitian women who made these quilts. The exhibit offers a look into the rich culture of Haiti, and the works are filled with personal themes of joy and heartbreak.



Made In New Mexico: Structural Diversity

Curated by Betty Busby

Members of the New Mexico region of the Studio Art Quilt Associates interpret the theme of “structures." The resulting quilts offer many points of view, from ancient and modern human architecture to animal constructions, to anatomical and mineral formations.



Breaking the Surface—Creating Digital Fiber Art

Sponsored by AllBrands

Fiber artist Wen Redmond works in several mediums including digital processes, surface design, and collage. She has created techniques like Holographic Images, Serendipity Collage Technique, and Textured Photographs. Her art here creates dialogue and changes some perspectives and perceptions of fiber.



A Canadian Nine Patch Celebrating Canada’s 150th Birthday

Sponsored by Edward Jones

Organized by Leslie Prokop and Shelley DeHay-Turner

This exhibit is inspired by Canada’s sesquicentennial. The quilts represent Canada’s history, geography, and culture
as expressed by each artist. And each work showcases a diversity of quilting styles as well as a variety of mediums
and techniques.



Rising Stars: Sarah Ann Smith and
Karlyn Bue Lohrenz


The debut of an ongoing exhibit that will feature notable artists whose work has developed and shown growth over time. Get introduced (or re-introduced) to the works of Smith and Lohrenz.



SAQA: Textile Posters

Sponsored by Innova Quilting Systems

The history of the poster as art started towards the end of the 19th century, when Jules Cheret created posters as a recognizable form of public announcement. They were plastered on public walls throughout Europe for promotion or propaganda, and these quilts take that concept further.



SAQA: Abstract and Geometric

Sponsored by Innova Quilting Systems

An invitational exhibition of one work each by the 29 artists from around the globe featured in the new book Art
Quilts International: Abstract & Geometric by Martha Sielman. They represent a range of styles across the abstract
art spectrum.



Creative Stitching

Sponsored by WonderFil Specialty Threads

This exhibit shows the captivating journey of Sue Spargo’s artistic evolution. Through her innovative touch and originality, her work features stunning detail, lavish texture, and bold dimensions. Viewers will be inspired by the unparalleled craftsmanship and imaginative stitching.



Freehand Patchwork by Danny Amazonas

Sponsored by FreeSpirit Fabrics & Sew Batik

Danny Amazonas does unorthodox freehand patchwork that is quite different from the traditional techniques. He uses no intricate sewing, but still produces the amazing artwork that is on display in this exhibit.



Hands All Around 2017

Sponsored by Taylor Seville Originals/GHI

Artists around the world incorporate influences from their own cultures into their designs and techniques. This prestigious, long-running international showcase includes recent quilts by talented international artists.



My Wearable Art Journey . . . So Far

Sponsored by Brewer Sewing

Gilbert Muniz reflects on a decade’s worth of wearable art designs that blur the line between fashion and craft.



Texas Quilt Guild Showcase

Sponsored by Antique Textiles Company; London, England

The Lone Star State is home to scores of guilds and groups where members meet to share friendship, experiences, and to create their quilts. This exhibit features some of the best work done by Texas quilters of all skill levels and styles and who have previously won an award in competition.



The Modern Quilt Guild Showcase

Sponsored by the Modern Quilt Guild

Members of the Modern Quilt Guild from around the world submitted their quilts that use traditional quilting techniques with a modern design aesthetic for this exhibit.



In Celebration of the Doll

Sponsored by Fairfield Processing, Clover Needlecraft, Inc., Alexander Henry Fabrics, Beckahnings, Global Artisans 2, Treasures of the Gypsy, Material Girls of Houston, TAODA (Texas Association of Doll Artists), Cyndy's Dolls, Hanah Silks, and Treenway Silks

Curated by Pamela Armas, Treasures of the Gypsy

Coordinated by Cat Woody

An exuberant exhibit of dolls highlighting the amazing artistry of cloth dollmakers from around the world. You'll see a wonderful variety of over 120 creations that are realistic, humorous, and fanciful.



In Full Bloom

Sponsored by Juki

Just as quilters create beautiful pieces of art with fabric, florists and gardeners cultivate works of beauty from the
soil. This exhibit combines the two with wonderful flower-themed quilts from across the spectrum in all their color
and splendor.



In the American Tradition—AppliquéD

In the American Tradition—Pieced

Contemporary quiltmakers often look to the art form’s rich tradition for inspiration in their own works. This exhibit features recently-made quilts that harken back to that time with traditional blocks, styles, and techniques as their design source.



Nine Voices from One

Curated by Jane Dunnewold

This exhibition features works by graduates of The Art Cloth Mastery Program and showcases some of the finest works created by surface design artists today. It will also educate viewers who are unfamiliar with the field of surface design.



Taiwan Art Quilt Society: Nature Art Quilts

Curated by Lin Hsin-Chen

This collaborative collection from the Taiwan Art Quilt Society features the natural environment and ecosystem in Taiwan and channels Mother Nature through fibers. This exhibit invites artists and viewers worldwide to contribute to the environment and to explore Taiwanese life and culture.



Pioneer Quilts
Curated by the Triplett Sisters

This exhibit tells the stories of the Great Plains pioneers through 25 antique quilts in the latest Poos Collection book. These 19th-century works feature block patterns that reflect life on the prairie. As an added feature, there are five contemporary quilts inspired by one of the antique quilts.



Viewpoints 9: word

Sponsored by Smudged Design Studio
Curated by Martha Wolfe

This fiber art group shares inspirations and works of members online. What emerges is a narrative with each artist’s perspective and a glimpse of their creative process. This exhibit is an intimate translation of feelings and fascinations transcending language, distance, and culture.



Tactile Architecture™

Buildings have always inspired quiltmakers. In the 19th century, American quilters developed such classic architectural patterns as Log Cabin, Schoolhouse, and Brick Wall. This annual exhibit challenges quiltmakers to create works based on architectural themes and inspirations.



Trip Around the World in Folk Art Stitches

Sponsored by Global Artisans

Mankind has an innate urge to create. Evidence for this exists wherever we might go in the world. Each embroidery piece here is inspired by the folk art of different people from different countries and combined into small quilts.



Van Gogh Cherrywood Challenge

Sponsored by Cherrywood Hand Dyed Fabrics

Inspired by the artwork of Vincent Van Gogh, this collection of 120 small quilts shows the amazing variety of interpretations of Van Gogh’s masterful paintings. Each quilter here used the exact same fabrics, size, and theme.



These United States

This sizable quilt (measuring just under 12 by 14 feet) features embroidered squares for each of the United States and Washington D.C. Each square contains the state name, capital, motto, major cities, rivers, highest point, and other fun facts and details. The quilt also includes a square embroidered with the Preamble to the Constitution.



Mastery: Sustaining Momentum

Presented by The Dairy Barn Arts Center

Artists were asked to create three large-scale works based on the theme of “Sustaining Momentum.” The resulting exhibit features talented master artists from around the world, many of whom have had work included in past Quilt National exhibits. Attendees will have the chance to see the artists’ works on a truly monumental scale!



Personal Iconography: Graffiti on Cloth

Sponsored by Mistyfuse

Presented by Dinner at Eight Artists

Co-curated by Jamie Fingal and Leslie Tucker Jenison

An exhibit representing the artists’ interpretation of “Graffiti on Cloth.” From the organizers: “An artistic expression based on personal style. An underlying social message. A story that is told through lines, shapes and imagery. A graphic landscape that conveys a story. A mark, an object, an idea.”




Curated by Deda Maldonado

This exhibit showcases works created by members of the Brazilian SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates). Artists were inspired by the unique feelings and ideas that the theme of “beaches” brings to their lives.




Curated by Barbara Hollinger

The ten members of Fiber Artists @ Loose Ends created this unique installation featuring the four elements—Fire, Water, Air, and Earth—and the four seasons. Each of the pieces rotates, and the works reflect each artist’s own unique style and individuality.



Cancer Moonshot Ribbon Quilt

Organized by Robyn Pettingill

This massive quilt—measuring 363 feet long and 10 inches tall—was inspired by the recently announced Cancer Moonshot program. Pettingill was also inspired by the possibilities of medical achievement and those making an
effort to reduce cancer incidence and mortality. The quilt’s length is the same as the Saturn 5 rocket, which launched astronauts to the moon.



Exquisite World of Thread Art

Russian quilt artist Milla Malchow is inspired by the works of other visual artists across many different mediums. Here, she has created original quilts based on those influences – but with her own twist. And though they look painted, all of these quilts were made with just fabric and thread.



Magic Towns of Mexico

Celebrating the 111 named “Magic Towns” of Mexico, more than 70 quilters from the country worked together to create this one, large, beautiful piece inspired by The Berne House Quilt. The richness of colors seen bring to mind the unique look of these beautiful and historically-preserved cities.




The title refers to the reported number of disabled people killed by the Nazi regime, as two red “Xs” written on a medical form determined their fate. To pay tribute to the victims, Jeanne Hewell-Chambers is collecting 70,273 quilt blocks from around the world, all with a white background and two red “Xs.”



The Berne House Quilt

The quilt was made by members of the Bernese Quilters of Berne, Switzerland, in which 156 blocks were made separately and then stitched together. One member’s block depicted the Clock Tower, a well-known city landmark.



The Iron Quilter Challenge

In this event held at both editions of Quilt Festival, teams lead by well-known teachers face off to create a quilt top
in just two hours. This exhibit showcases nine quilt tops created in previous competitions. They are available for purchase through a silent auction, with funds going to the nonprofit Texas Quilt Museum.