George R. Brown Convention Center
1001 Avenida de las Americas
Houston, Texas 77010
Quilt Market is Nov. 3rd-5th & Festival is Nov. 8th-11th, 2018
with Preview Night on Nov. 7th

Shift ID Position Date Day Time People/per shift
30H-2 HANGER 10/30/18 TUESDAY 1:00p.-9:00p. 10
30H-3 HANGER 10/30/18 TUESDAY 3:00p.-9:00p. 5
31H-1 HANGER 10/31/18 WEDNESDAY 9:00a.-4:00p. 14
31H-2 HANGER 10/31/18 WEDNESDAY 11:00a.-6:00p. 6
31H-4 HANGER 10/31/18 WEDNESDAY 3:00p.-9:00p. 10
1H-1 HANGER 11/1/18 THURSDAY 9:00a.-4:00p. 15
1H-2 HANGER 11/1/18 THURSDAY 11:00a.-6:00p. 7
1H-4 HANGER 11/1/18 THURSDAY 3:00p.-9:00p. 7
2H-1+ HANGER 11/2/18 FRIDAY 9:00a.-4:00p.+ 9
2H-1 HANGER 11/2/18 FRIDAY 9:00a.-4:00p. 5
2H-2 HANGER 11/2/18 FRIDAY 11:00a.-6:00p. 5
3GM-3 GUARDIAN 11/3/18 SATURDAY 3:30p.-6:30p. 3
All Shifts filled for this day. 11/4/18 SUNDAY
5GM-2 GUARDIAN 11/5/18 MONDAY 12:00p.-4:30p. 4
All Shifts filled for this day. 11/6/18 TUESDAY
7GF-5 GUARDIAN 11/7/18 WEDNESDAY 4:30p.-10:30p. 4
8D-GF-1 DOOR-GUARDIAN 11/8/18 THURSDAY 9:00a.-12:30p. 1
8GF-2 GUARDIAN 11/8/18 THURSDAY 12:00p.-4:00p. 14
8GF-3 GUARDIAN 11/8/18 THURSDAY 3:30p.-7:30p. 12
8PF-1 PROGRAM SELLER 11/8/18 THURSDAY 9:00a.-1:00p. 2
9DFCF-2 FOODCOURT DOOR 11/9/18 FRIDAY 2:00p.-6:30p. 2
9GF-0 GUARDIAN 11/9/18 FRIDAY 7:45a.-12:30p. 1
9GF-2 GUARDIAN 11/9/18 FRIDAY 12:00p.-4:00p. 3
9GF-3 GUARDIAN 11/9/18 FRIDAY 3:30p.-7:30p. 12
10D-GF-1 DOOR-GUARDIAN 11/10/18 SATURDAY 9:00a.-12:30p. 2
10GF-0 GUARDIAN 11/10/18 SATURDAY 7:45a.-12:30p. 2
10GF-1 GUARDIAN 11/10/18 SATURDAY 9:00a.-12:30p. 2
10GF-2 GUARDIAN 11/10/18 SATURDAY 12:00p.-4:00p. 12
10GF-3 GUARDIAN 11/10/18 SATURDAY 3:30p.-7:30p. 13
10PF-1 PROGRAM SELLER 11/10/18 SATURDAY 9:00a.-1:00p. 2
11DF-2 DOORPERSON 11/11/18 SUNDAY 12:00p.-3:15p. 2
11GF-0 GUARDIAN 11/11/18 SUNDAY 7:45a.-12:30p. 4
11GF-1 GUARDIAN 11/11/18 SUNDAY 9:00a.-12:30p. 6
11GF-2 GUARDIAN 11/11/18 SUNDAY 12:00p.- 4:30p. 15
11TD-3 TAKE DOWN & Training 11/11/18 SUNDAY 3:00p.-12:30a.+ 30
11TD-4 TAKE DOWN 11/11/18 SUNDAY 4:00p.-12:30a.+ 15
Shifts as of 10/25/18

Shading change (white/green/white) indicates different days.

I am still working on emails and some of the numbers above are continuously changing, so please give a broad request.

Please send your 1st, 2nd & 3rd choices for each day you would like to work (the shift ID#). If you do not hear from me within 24 hours please resend your request. If this is your first time to work or you have moved, please send your address and phone numbers. If you know someone that might be interested in working, please let me know!

Please do not send me a fax of this with your notes. ONLY send me the shifts.

Thank you for your interest in working our show! I look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you!

Terri Winsauer
Quilts, Inc.
Piece Corps Coordinator
International Quilt Market & Festival
Show Assistant/Volunteer Coordinator
E-mail: worktheshow@quilts.com PLEASE use this email address only.
Phone & Fax: 830-947-3135 (I prefer email if you have it)