You’ve Got Talent!

We love sharing the work of talented quilters from around the world at Quilt Festival each year. But we know that quilters are a humble lot, and there’s much more talent out there. We want to see it! So, we’re once again giving quilters an opportunity to see their work at our Houston show…in the form of a photo!


We will again display photos of traditional-style quilts in a special “You’ve Got Talent” display at this year’s International Quilt Festival in Houston. Entering couldn’t be easier—simply email us a photo of a finished quilt or quilt top using
the guidelines below.

Step 1 > Take a photo of your finished traditional-style quilt or quilt top.


  • The entire quilt must be visible in the photo. There should be no people, pets, or background objects in the photo.
  • Please hang your quilt in order to photograph it. Do not drape your quilt over furniture or lay it on a bed or the floor.
  • Take the photograph at your camera’s highest resolution setting. Photos need to be high quality, and able to be printed at 8” x 10."


  • Please include “You’ve Got Talent” in the subject line of your email.
  • Include both your name and the title of your quilt or quilt top.


Step 3 > Tell all of your quilting friends to look for your quilt on display at this year’s Quilt Festival in Houston, November 8-11!


We look forward to seeing all of the photo submissions and sharing them with visitors at this year’s show!